What If!!!

If the world were to end tomorrow

What would have I done?

Nothing but just sit and wait for it,

As I always do

When I know that everything happens

By the will of God!


But what if only I were the one

To leave and let go,

To move on into another world

With errands left to do,

To leave and never come back again,

And do the undone;


Then I would call and hug my son,

And let him really know

How much I’ve always loved him so;

That when I see into his eyes,

I read his mind and see his love;

That he’s my world and so much more!


I’ll call my dolls and hug them too,

And let them really know

That when I breath, I breath just love,

The love that grows with every breath,

It has no bounds and no ending;

It circles in my veins!


I’ll tell them all to keep their faith

So close and near their heart;

To stay together, no matter what,

And never fall apart;

And I’ll tell them all how much I loved

To see them smile and laugh.

Sparrows on the Grass

Around a hundred little birds

Mostly sparrows

Scattered on the grass

Hardly visible in the sun-burnt grass

Camouflaged most of the time

But a sight when someone walked past

All together, all at once,

With their low flight and chirping

All a little too present

To all who were oblivious otherwise

Of their existence!


When words start to lose meaning,

And I have to read again and again

To let them make sense

I realise that it’s not the words,

But me.

These words are like vibrations,

Sounds that don’t make sense,


My ears neither listen nor hear

But feel.

And then these words change into

Huge tides and waves;

It’s like I repel the waves

That are drowning me,

But not!

Nothing makes sense,

Alphabets scattered on papers and screen,

A struggle to make anything mean

With words all jumbled and sounds all mumbled


Just a Moment

It haunts me!

Haunts? That’s negative connotation,

Why negative, it’s my ghost, there is only positive about it,

I climb the walls,

And walk on them,

I have a perfect balance,

And then jump down,

Light footed,

Like a cat,

Yes like a cat,

Very light,

Just a soft thump,

And then mount again,

And jump again,

Just to feel the thump,

Yes the thump,

So light and soft,

Like a cat!

Entrapped in a moment!

Unable to exit,

Living and reliving,

Perfect bliss!

It’s that what it is!

It haunts me!

But there is nothing negative about it;

No, not at all!

Just bliss and ecstasy!


In a moment!

A moment!


The little girl with a shy smile

With eyes bright and dreams alight

She asked but not in words

If it’ll be fine?

And I nodded,

You won’t need to fly

But go straight up high,

Like a rocket to the moon,

Right now, before soon!

She did not say a word,

But she smiled a weak smile

I wonder if she heard

About the journeying mile

I wonder if she did,

Her fears if she hid,

Triumphed she must have truly,

Embarked ahead duly.

Lazy Afternoon

Few birds perched high among the leaves

Almost out of sight

Till one of them starts to whistle

Showing signs of delight


The leaves sway gently with light wind

And the bough swings;

The rustling almost without sound,

And music with wings!


The birds stay perched but the song leaves,

Visible almost;

Soaring into the vast expanse

A welcoming host


With open arms and melody,

Light and soft and sweet,

It lifts the soul and helps it be,

Indeed a true treat!


And my dear friend calls me

To return to the sights and scents

It reminds me to be,

Helps me revive, it sure is bent!


Today I sit in the dark again

Meeting my long lost soul

Searching for answers

To confusions in parts and whole!


If I believe in what I see

I let the reality vanish

Just when my soul’s at spree

And the truth forever’ll banish,


So I see but I believe

In what my friend to me suggests

And then I breath and let it go

So my heart’s at last at rest.


The fumes that I inhale

Are not what I do

They’re memories of the past

That I can never pass through,


So I inhale but not exhale

And let it remain in me

Till I float with it in air

So my heart’s forever free.

Boys and the Barrow

The four boys and echos of their laughter

Mingled with the squeaking of wheel barrow

Pushed on the road, and the boys ran after

Each other on the path that ends narrow

Into a street with houses in a long row;

From one such house, raising the curtain door,

A mother peeked and called one of the boys

To come back in while he begged to play more

Out in the scorching sun with his strange toys,

The rugged rocks heaped in the rusted barrow;

Cackling at the clattering sound on the ground,

Ridding all the burden without sorrow,

Left with immense happiness all around.

The happiness spread like light with no end,

And the afternoon became sprightlier

With the music of an ode that spread for

The distant ear that stopped to feel and hear!

The passers by who could already see,

Made to keep at length by one of the boys

While the rest loaded the rough rocks with glee,

The rattling and tattling noise to rejoice!

A boy jumped in, leaving the rocks in mound

The others laughed some more and got ready

For another game of circling around

They pushed hard the cart till it was steady

A worthy ride, they all took, one by one,

Yippying and woohooing all the way,

And later with their sweaty tan faces

They returned home at the end of the day!

The Stooge (2)

Balancing on a rope at height

Feeling weightless and without fright

Inching on to the pole in sight

Steadying for the crowd’s delight


Spinning head with the people’s shouts

Falling off, there is little doubt

Opening wide arms and wings all out

Flying around, over and about.


Gliding along the thin crisp air;

Whistling and shouting for a mere

Glimpse of the human bird at fair

And yet nobody dreamed to dare


To come forward and take a look

At the body trashed on a hook

The colour spread around it shook

The cheers that silenced at the nook


And the bird that now came to rest

Saw itself lying on a nest

Of dreams and dreads of a dead guest

Bringing an end to the night’s fest.