Boys and the Barrow

The four boys and echos of their laughter

Mingled with the squeaking of wheel barrow

Pushed on the road, and the boys ran after

Each other on the path that ends narrow

Into a street with houses in a long row;

From one such house, raising the curtain door,

A mother peeked and called one of the boys

To come back in while he begged to play more

Out in the scorching sun with his strange toys,

The rugged rocks heaped in the rusted barrow;

Cackling at the clattering sound on the ground,

Ridding all the burden without sorrow,

Left with immense happiness all around.

The happiness spread like light with no end,

And the afternoon became sprightlier

With the music of an ode that spread for

The distant ear that stopped to feel and hear!

The passers by who could already see,

Made to keep at length by one of the boys

While the rest loaded the rough rocks with glee,

The rattling and tattling noise to rejoice!

A boy jumped in, leaving the rocks in mound

The others laughed some more and got ready

For another game of circling around

They pushed hard the cart till it was steady

A worthy ride, they all took, one by one,

Yippying and woohooing all the way,

And later with their sweaty tan faces

They returned home at the end of the day!

The Stooge (2)

Balancing on a rope at height

Feeling weightless and without fright

Inching on to the pole in sight

Steadying for the crowd’s delight


Spinning head with the people’s shouts

Falling off, there is little doubt

Opening wide arms and wings all out

Flying around, over and about.


Gliding along the thin crisp air;

Whistling and shouting for a mere

Glimpse of the human bird at fair

And yet nobody dreamed to dare


To come forward and take a look

At the body trashed on a hook

The colour spread around it shook

The cheers that silenced at the nook


And the bird that now came to rest

Saw itself lying on a nest

Of dreams and dreads of a dead guest

Bringing an end to the night’s fest.

Defects Innate

Shadorma: A poetic form consisting of six line stanza with a total of 26 syllables(3,5,3,3,7,5). I have rhymed the lines with the same number of syllables. (abaacb)

As a part of Coleen’s 2020 weekly poetry challenge XXX, synonyms only, I have used intimate and insinuate for hint, and valiant for bold.

All the clues

Combined, intimate

And let loose

All the news

Among the heartless spirits

To insinuate;


And abuse

All secrets private;

The dying hues

Without use,

As the valiant one has

All defects innate!


A Perfect World

A fine sweep to rid the floor:

Sparkling clean, a fine sweep indeed!

The eye adjusted on the door,

Dusted anew the seats of tweed,

The curtain with the perfect folds

Letting in beams on crystals more!


Reflections on the ceiling high,

Reflections of the illusions!

Utopia that the weaklings try,

Living forever in delusions,

Fitting everything into moulds,

Turning deaf to the screeching sigh!


The sigh that’s muffled and smothered,

And with a shining mask covered;

Dystopia that the weaklings hide,

Dying forever, a homicide!

Though it could have set all things right,

Ending the plight without delight.

Act and Be!

May be I’m like an orange tree;

Destined to bear oranges

Ripe and juicy

Some sour while some sweet

And no matter how rich my soil

Or bright the sun

I’ll bear only oranges till I’m old and decayed

Or till my season lasts

And never beyond my time!


Or may be I’m like the grass;

Green and fresh to begin with

Yellow and burnt when the sky turns hot

Or scarce and sparing when trampled on

But I’ll be grass till I’m watered

Or one day then withered

But never anything else!


Or may be I’m like the bees;

Working hard, buzzing and busy

From flower to flower

Gathering nectar

Preparing the golden syrup

Of pleasing taste and health

For others always

Not consuming any!


I have to play my part;

Act and be!

Never with the choice to be or not;

So let it be!

The Stooge

A stooge in a circus

With painted face and colourful attire

The clumsy gate and fake smile;

Surrounded by the wanton crowd,

Waiting for an applause!

People laughing and

Pointing fingers;

The arena filled with noise

Of worries,

Rising in steam of laughter,

Out and about,

Evaporating from the boiling souls,

Leaving some dehydrated

While some in their pure element.


Whereas the stooge

Walking on a thin rope

Carefully and hoping to not fall

Like clinging to thin hope

And emerging out as tall.

A person beneath the facade!

A living breathing person!

Living to be laughed at,

Living to be ridiculed,

Helping others to erase their worries,

Living a life of hope

For others and for self.

The Kites

The evening sky crowded with kites,

Soaring above, scaling the heights

In circles floating and gliding

Behind the feathery clouds hiding,

Diving to take charge or retreat

Or hovering on wings of thin sheet.

The sun appears to slip and fade

Leaving behind it, subtle shade

Of orange on an ornate blue

The sky slowly deepens its hue

Evading all colour but dark

Obtruding and leaving its mark.

Flying farther yet, reaching for height;

Black remains, kites against the night.

The Smile

There once were two girls at a school

One with friends but one with none

The one with friends had dark deep eyes

While the one with none, just deep views

The one with friends always vibrant

While the one with none just mellow


So it happened that one fine day

They both met at the classroom door.

And smiled as it’s customary:

They both looked at each other’s face;

The one with friends all tall and straight

While the one with none, humbly bent.


With dark deep eyes all sparkling bright

The girl with friends looked hard and smiled,

The day became a lot brighter

With sparkles from the deepest dark

The flowers sent their scent henceforth

Raising into lofty hours


The girl with none looked back at her

Her lips stretching in a wide curve

Her world all bright and joyous too

She beamed and radiated lot

Though shy at heart, she took courage

And smiled back at the girl with friends


But the one with friends meant it not

Her lips contracted to a frown

One brow raised higher than the other

She moved away in haughty air

Not looking back or caring to,

At the other girl with no friends


The day turned grey and lost all hues

The girl with none froze in her shoes

Of her lungs then all air sucked out

She delved in a moment or two

And with greater courage and strength

She tried to wipe her smile off her face


Her cheeks had risen up to eyes

And flustered by her blush so much

She kept trying to return a scowl

But in the moment, she was stuck

The girl with friends, long departed,

Left her with an embarrassment!


So the girl with none, learnt to live

With a smile so wide always on

Her cheeks lifted and sparkling eyes

And soon she had more than a few

Friends so true like light to the sun,

While the girl with friends now had none.

The Tall Trees

(8 syllables each line)

(Rhyme Scheme: abca dbcd ebce …)

Draped in dark green, the leafy trees

Stand tall and rooted, proud with poise

Embrace the wind with elegance

Oscillate in the gentle breeze


Unyielding to the brewing storm

Deafened to the rising noise

Huddled into benevolence

Carolling abuzz in a swarm


Sending gracious rays to the greens

Beneath the cool shades that rejoice

The sparkling sun, for prevalence

Far and wide of foliage seen!


Curtained by the clouds, the sun peeps,

And send filtered beams that enjoys

Slipping through the calm countenance

Of trees, as nourishment they reap.


The clouds deepen into grey sheet

The rain starts to pour and rejoice

Tree tops bend to bow in reverence

Ecstatic in their servile feat.


The day ends, leaving all things damp

The earth slakes, and climbers by choice

Cling to the tall greens, malevolence

Cloaked to delude, they deftly clamp!


The trees are draped in a new robe,

As the climber creeps and deploys

Its roots fast, causing pestilence

To the humble host on the globe.


The bark enclosed in tight embrace;

The light it denies and destroys

The bast, inflicting abstinence:

Imposing in the name of grace.


And so draped in a darker green

The tall trees decay and bruise

Slowly rotting in decadence;

Though standing tall, they are still seen.


Grey sheets of clouds heavy with rain

Suspended in the sky to foist

The gushing winds and turbulence

Upon the trees, tall in restraint!


The outburst swept away the hush

And the trees shook amid the noise;

A few put up a militance

While a few wiped out with the flush


Draped in dark green, the leafy trees

Stand humble and rooted with poise,

Seek light and air to convalesce,

Be rid of the luring disease.


Threatened the climbers soon depart;

And the tall trees begin to voice

Exaltation with eloquence,

Unclad but ready for a start.