A Parallel World- Harry Potter

What impresses me the most about HP is the story; I find it to be flawless; go back or forward, everything is justified and planned, and keeps me in awe of the writer who held so many thoughts, all logical, in her mind to finish writing 7 books over a period of time. 

What did she do? For me, she created a world, which is not just a parallel to the muggle world but to the reality itself. It’s a world of fantasy which exists to a level of perfection while we read it in the real world. It transports us, lifts us and elevates us in a world of imagination, where we are ready to believe in every spell being cast. 

The characters are truly our own-selves. The emotions our own too. Of love and friendship, we have the same intensity. 

I feel amazed at how it has so many parallels. The conflict of the pure bloods, the mud bloods, the muggles- who do these represent in our real world. The power struggle- how real is that. Various characters representing different professions- truly amazed at how ——— of the daily prophet works around words and the power of media. How there is a question on the education system as well as politics and economy. And yet it continues to deal with the common theme of evil and good; the fate and choice; but never touches upon the controversy of religions. 

There are so many lessons to learn in the book too; even in the supporting characters, as in case of Snape-his love for Lily and Harry, his heroism in being willing to have a facade that makes everyone hate him.

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