Reflections of a Teacher

What happens when a student is not able to concentrate, not being able to focus on what is being done in the class? Just a guess but because I have felt that almost all the students are genius, I feel that they are busy contemplating over something that they were exposed to earlier; it could be a new concept, idea, a friend, a game etc. I mostly indicate towards what they want to do and not what they are expected to do, although the latter is often more important. The essential question is whether we should allow/encourage them to continue into contemplation or help them into focusing on the benchmark assigned for their age group. I must add that I refuse to accept these kids to be slow or behind the others. Sometimes I feel that may be if we only direct them towards the necessary or worthwhile objectives is better than to force them into learning. Allowing them to think and evaluate on their own with assistance can yield better results( not in terms of grades and marks but real learning)

The important thing is to expose the children to appropriate material, in what they watch, listen, play with, talk with; but too much control is neither possible and nor will it yield the desired results. It is imperative that the children be allowed to analyze the possibilities related to their dreams or aspirations(not in just becoming someone, but creating, inventing, exploring and discovering things)

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