The Sky is Blue

June 26, 2019

The Sky Is Blue?

She said, ‘The sky is bright and looks so white’

He said, ‘Not so, I see it blue!’

She said, ‘Oh you are right, it’s just my sight!

The wise men came and tried to tame

On learning how the sky is blue;

They said that nothing else was true,

So that was that

The sky was blue!

The only hue!

Sun did set! and with the clouds few

It sparkled and rained, dazzled too.

Time went by, but the sky was blue.

Then the day did come

When the council met.

Boy called the sky ‘blue’!

Then a little boy looked up high,

Stared so hard, and wondered why

Would anyone call the white sky?

The little boy said, ‘It’s not true!’

Council looked on and judged anew,

‘It’s white and a wondrous view!’

She raised her head with thoughts polite,

The sky is a new shade every night;

Doesn’t matter, be it blue or white

The sky is filled with colours bright:

Lilac, purple, graphite, granite

Open your heart, take the delight

He smiled, she smiled, and the sky smiled.

Hand in hand and with hearts alive

Towards a new life they all strive!

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