The Retired Grief

For someone dear!!!

Drowned in the ocean of grief

Immersed deep into the water

Suffocating and gasping for breath

Frantically flapping for a relief

Crying and sobbing and looking

For the lap to lie on

Yearning and longing and groping

For the cradle to sleep in

The harsh wind blows and covers

The form with dust

The old wretched ship crumbling

And sinking with rust

It trembles and moves and tries

One more time to get up,

The world stops to help

To unreel the pleasures.

Amid the laughter arises

A hope that sustains

The form covered in the dirt;

However the darkness remains!

Engulfed in the darkness,

The heart retires,

Raising the white flag, losing

And yet winning the battle of loss.

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