Lost for Words

Overwhelmed by the strong emotions

Lost for words

Drowned into the abyss of thoughts

Pleasant pain penetrates

And the soul strives to survive

It’s not a question of to be

But if it will!

Today I pass into another world

But a part of me remains

Or I take a part with me to the one

I make my home tomorrow

For my home, my house shall always be

A special feel to me

For I hold my heart

And I leave a part

And it all converge to one

It’s not so clear

And it’s all mixed up

And yet it makes some sense

For sense to me is all nonsense

That enables us to hear

All the soundless rant and fear

Of people far and near

The fear then grows both high and deep

With roots intertwined

The light appears and passes through

The branches thick and wide

But the light’s not life for the darkest bark

That sparks and then ignites

To mark the death to life of fright

And exist only a sprite.

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