Ludo and the Lockdown

Stay home, stay safe 😎

Some play it fair, some play it foul,

Be it ecstatic yelps or angry growls,

There will always be some happy howls!

All through the race, some plan well

Keep an eye on every move, on every spell,

Waiting to win, jump up, to yell and tell!

On every turn, on every roll,

Some count the moves to keep control,

But who will win, cannot be told!

Then there are few who take it light

They donot like to indulge in fights

And play the game to spend the night.

No matter how many times they lose,

To stay is what they like to always choose,

And continue to play with ones and twos!

Whether they leave or they stay,

What matters most at the end of the day

Is not that they lose, but how well they play!

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