The Traveller

Treading on the shards of the broken dreams

Life drags the weary traveller on

Through the path that’s filled with gleams

Of reflection where the mirage is drawn;


Too late, too late, the hour in gone

The jet is strong with rocks on the way

Let it now flow and pass through the stream

Gliding , gurgling, taking one for the team.


Get on the ground, the truth to embrace

The goodly friend with a steady pace

The thorns on the road have long bloomed too

That life has watered all night through


The darkness is gone, there’s light of the morn

That welcomes him, with garlands to adorn.

The traveller thus now comes to rest

Surviving through the toughest test


He looks on at the horizon far

His sight extending to the smiling star,

It blinks and sparkles and shines too

The journey then ends for the chosen few.

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