Stepping into a land enchanted

Of beautiful flowers red,

Blushing into shades of crimson,

Mahagony, maroon and scarlet.

In dark green leaves all wrapped around

The walls and floors, all scattered abound

With delicate ivy, spreading wide

The intricate weaving on the ground.

Velvet soft and delicate petals,

Delightful scent of blooms immortal,

Wafting gently into soul and mind

Till images absorb in eyes and settle.

The music plays all loud and clear

Just bliss and mirth, what one would hear,

Arrested in the pulse and throb,

Forget what one held warm and dear.

Mesmerised in a world of charm

With beauty hovering as a swarm!

The sight, the sound all mystified,

Illusion of no pain no harm!

The light fades out at end of day,

And shadows dark begin to sway;

The magic then vanishes as

The flowers begin to wither away.

Entwined with the once red flowers

All shades changed to blood by hour,

Prickles and thorns all piercing through

The broken heart devoid of power.

Engulfed in an eternal rift

Illusions slowly raise and lift,

And roots begin to spread and thrive

To then embrace the low grown thrift.

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