The Tall Trees

(8 syllables each line)

(Rhyme Scheme: abca dbcd ebce …)

Draped in dark green, the leafy trees

Stand tall and rooted, proud with poise

Embrace the wind with elegance

Oscillate in the gentle breeze


Unyielding to the brewing storm

Deafened to the rising noise

Huddled into benevolence

Carolling abuzz in a swarm


Sending gracious rays to the greens

Beneath the cool shades that rejoice

The sparkling sun, for prevalence

Far and wide of foliage seen!


Curtained by the clouds, the sun peeps,

And send filtered beams that enjoys

Slipping through the calm countenance

Of trees, as nourishment they reap.


The clouds deepen into grey sheet

The rain starts to pour and rejoice

Tree tops bend to bow in reverence

Ecstatic in their servile feat.


The day ends, leaving all things damp

The earth slakes, and climbers by choice

Cling to the tall greens, malevolence

Cloaked to delude, they deftly clamp!


The trees are draped in a new robe,

As the climber creeps and deploys

Its roots fast, causing pestilence

To the humble host on the globe.


The bark enclosed in tight embrace;

The light it denies and destroys

The bast, inflicting abstinence:

Imposing in the name of grace.


And so draped in a darker green

The tall trees decay and bruise

Slowly rotting in decadence;

Though standing tall, they are still seen.


Grey sheets of clouds heavy with rain

Suspended in the sky to foist

The gushing winds and turbulence

Upon the trees, tall in restraint!


The outburst swept away the hush

And the trees shook amid the noise;

A few put up a militance

While a few wiped out with the flush


Draped in dark green, the leafy trees

Stand humble and rooted with poise,

Seek light and air to convalesce,

Be rid of the luring disease.


Threatened the climbers soon depart;

And the tall trees begin to voice

Exaltation with eloquence,

Unclad but ready for a start.

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