The Smile

There once were two girls at a school

One with friends but one with none

The one with friends had dark deep eyes

While the one with none, just deep views

The one with friends always vibrant

While the one with none just mellow


So it happened that one fine day

They both met at the classroom door.

And smiled as it’s customary:

They both looked at each other’s face;

The one with friends all tall and straight

While the one with none, humbly bent.


With dark deep eyes all sparkling bright

The girl with friends looked hard and smiled,

The day became a lot brighter

With sparkles from the deepest dark

The flowers sent their scent henceforth

Raising into lofty hours


The girl with none looked back at her

Her lips stretching in a wide curve

Her world all bright and joyous too

She beamed and radiated lot

Though shy at heart, she took courage

And smiled back at the girl with friends


But the one with friends meant it not

Her lips contracted to a frown

One brow raised higher than the other

She moved away in haughty air

Not looking back or caring to,

At the other girl with no friends


The day turned grey and lost all hues

The girl with none froze in her shoes

Of her lungs then all air sucked out

She delved in a moment or two

And with greater courage and strength

She tried to wipe her smile off her face


Her cheeks had risen up to eyes

And flustered by her blush so much

She kept trying to return a scowl

But in the moment, she was stuck

The girl with friends, long departed,

Left her with an embarrassment!


So the girl with none, learnt to live

With a smile so wide always on

Her cheeks lifted and sparkling eyes

And soon she had more than a few

Friends so true like light to the sun,

While the girl with friends now had none.

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