Defects Innate

Shadorma: A poetic form consisting of six line stanza with a total of 26 syllables(3,5,3,3,7,5). I have rhymed the lines with the same number of syllables. (abaacb)

As a part of Coleen’s 2020 weekly poetry challenge XXX, synonyms only, I have used intimate and insinuate for hint, and valiant for bold.

All the clues

Combined, intimate

And let loose

All the news

Among the heartless spirits

To insinuate;


And abuse

All secrets private;

The dying hues

Without use,

As the valiant one has

All defects innate!


12 thoughts on “Defects Innate

  1. You’ve reminded me that when I was much younger our Sunday comics had a strip called “Prince Valiant”…
    I do believe there are those who are noble without having noble blood. 🙂

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