Boys and the Barrow

The four boys and echos of their laughter

Mingled with the squeaking of wheel barrow

Pushed on the road, and the boys ran after

Each other on the path that ends narrow

Into a street with houses in a long row;

From one such house, raising the curtain door,

A mother peeked and called one of the boys

To come back in while he begged to play more

Out in the scorching sun with his strange toys,

The rugged rocks heaped in the rusted barrow;

Cackling at the clattering sound on the ground,

Ridding all the burden without sorrow,

Left with immense happiness all around.

The happiness spread like light with no end,

And the afternoon became sprightlier

With the music of an ode that spread for

The distant ear that stopped to feel and hear!

The passers by who could already see,

Made to keep at length by one of the boys

While the rest loaded the rough rocks with glee,

The rattling and tattling noise to rejoice!

A boy jumped in, leaving the rocks in mound

The others laughed some more and got ready

For another game of circling around

They pushed hard the cart till it was steady

A worthy ride, they all took, one by one,

Yippying and woohooing all the way,

And later with their sweaty tan faces

They returned home at the end of the day!

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