Just a Moment

It haunts me!

Haunts? That’s negative connotation,

Why negative, it’s my ghost, there is only positive about it,

I climb the walls,

And walk on them,

I have a perfect balance,

And then jump down,

Light footed,

Like a cat,

Yes like a cat,

Very light,

Just a soft thump,

And then mount again,

And jump again,

Just to feel the thump,

Yes the thump,

So light and soft,

Like a cat!

Entrapped in a moment!

Unable to exit,

Living and reliving,

Perfect bliss!

It’s that what it is!

It haunts me!

But there is nothing negative about it;

No, not at all!

Just bliss and ecstasy!


In a moment!

A moment!

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