What If!!!

If the world were to end tomorrow

What would have I done?

Nothing but just sit and wait for it,

As I always do

When I know that everything happens

By the will of God!


But what if only I were the one

To leave and let go,

To move on into another world

With errands left to do,

To leave and never come back again,

And do the undone;


Then I would call and hug my son,

And let him really know

How much I’ve always loved him so;

That when I see into his eyes,

I read his mind and see his love;

That he’s my world and so much more!


I’ll call my dolls and hug them too,

And let them really know

That when I breath, I breath just love,

The love that grows with every breath,

It has no bounds and no ending;

It circles in my veins!


I’ll tell them all to keep their faith

So close and near their heart;

To stay together, no matter what,

And never fall apart;

And I’ll tell them all how much I loved

To see them smile and laugh.

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